[OPENCPN] How to install OpenCPN on UDOO (udoobuntu)

OpenCPN is a powerful open-source software (which also requires a lot of resources software / hardware). To take full advantage of the capabilities of our UDOO when this is the recommended procedure to be carried out for the installation of OpenCPN performance.

The decision to use the UDOO is not desired at random by our team. Our laboratory works closely with the engineers and developers on the ad in order to improve and solve, as you encounter technical difficulties both in terms of hardware and software.

To install OpenCPN on udoobuntu

1) Install the following packages using the command "sudo apt-get install"

libgtk2.0-dev gettext git-core cmake gpsd gpsd-clients libgps-dev build-essential wx-common libwxgtk2.8-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libgtk2.0-dev wx2.8-headers libbz2-dev libtinyxml-dev libportaudio2 portaudio19-dev


2) Download the source code of OpenCPN

git clone git://github.com/OpenCPN/OpenCPN.git


3) Download synaptic from http://synaptic.it.uptodown.com/ubuntu


4) Reinstall the library "libgl1-mesa-glx" with the graphic interface of synaptic (find the library -> right click on the library -> select reinstall


5) Compile and install OpenCPN

cd OpenCPN
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../

sudo make install



Before you load the maps you need to enable graphics acceleration in the options menu of OpenCPN otherwise the program crashes! 

Currently, the use of the application is fairly fluid, but we hope to achieve betterlevels of performance by making changes to the graphics library. In any case you will be informed!



Ferraro Carmine

Core and Gui Developer - Hardware expert OSP Team