[OPENCPN] How to install OpenCPN on UDOO (udoobuntu)

OpenCPN is a powerful open-source software (which also requires a lot of resources software / hardware). To take full advantage of the capabilities of our UDOO when this is the recommended procedure to be carried out for the installation of OpenCPN performance.

The decision to use the UDOO is not desired at random by our team. Our laboratory works closely with the engineers and developers on the ad in order to improve and solve, as you encounter technical difficulties both in terms of hardware and software.

To install OpenCPN on udoobuntu


Tile Server - Coordinate Transformation

A tile server is a particular service that allow user to retrieve preprocessed map data. It can be done using a particular protocol for retrieve data:

  • TMS if map tiles are stored locally
  • WTMS if map tiles are stored on a server

Normally the choosen protocol divide the large image in many sub image, that is named pyramidal subdivision, in that case we have many zoom level (2n*2n) and a lot of tile that need to be processed.